Servo Motor I70 Series
Servo Motor I70 Series

Servo Motor I70 Series I70系列

Intro : AC SERVO MOTOR i70 - Reliable control and full function design

  1. Highly accurate positioning.
  2. One-shot positioning and multi-positioning modes, operation is handy and raise your work efficiency.
  3. Low noise、low vibration and low power consumption.
  4. CPU control, software / hardware 2-way protection system, peolonging the product life.
  5. Solenoid over current protector, to prevent the short circuit.
  6. Switching power supply system, safer and better for energy saving. (160V~280V AC)
  7. Powerful parameter system, easy adjustment and upgradable.
  8. Only one circuit board inside, easy for maintenance.
  9. Hardware barrier break through, powerful parameter adjustment function, more machines can be use with, wider range for more applications. (use with C-200 or C-60M operation panel)
  10. External mounting AC 220V power available.
  11. ECO-circuit design, conform to each safety standard and RoHS directive, less pollution, let us do our part to preserve the environment.

簡述 : 伺服馬達 i70 - 穩定操控及全功能設計

  1. 定位準確度高。
  2. 一發著針及多種定位模式,讓您操控更得心應手,提升作業效率。
  3. 低振動、低噪音、低耗能。
  4. 微電腦控制,軟硬體雙向保護機能,產品壽命更長久。
  5. 交換式電源供應系統,更省電,更安全。 (160V~280V AC)
  6. 多元化的參數系統,設定簡單,參數可升級。
  7. 內部只有一片基板,維護簡單。
  8. 突破硬體限制,強大參數調教功能,適用車頭更廣,搭配範圍更大。(需搭配 C-200 或 C-60M 選針盒使用)
  9. 可外接交流220V 電源。
  10. 環保節能電路設計,符合各類安規及RoHS指令,低污染,讓我們為環保盡一份心力。