CT9085 車縫環狀平版寬幅鬆緊帶


CT9085 車縫環狀平版寬幅鬆緊帶 CT9085 Attaching Pre-Closed Flat Knit Elastic Band Onto Waists Of Tubular Goods

Intro :  男用內褲。
 環狀平版鬆緊帶適用 : 14mm - 37mm。
 具有右切刀修布裝置,後拖輪,布屑導管及TR003裝置(擴張滾輪組) ,可將環狀平版寬幅鬆緊帶順暢地縫合在環狀褲頭之上,並由右切刀 將褲頭裁片之右緣修齊再行縫合在鬆緊帶下方,而右切刀修布之同時 ,布屑則由吸風裝置或壓縮空氣,經吸布屑導管吸出。

簡述 :  Men's briefs.
 Light to medium weight material.
 Flat knit elastic band applicable width : 14mm - 37mm。
 Equipped with rear puller, right hand knife, chip suction pipe & TR003 device (fabric tension controlling device).
Pre-Closed flat knit elastic tape can be attached smoothly onto waistbands of tubular goods. The sewing operation continously while the edge of waist (underneath the elastic tape) is trimmed by the right hand knife. In the meantime, trimmed fabrics can be sucked into the waste bag thru the suction pipe.