CT9060 四針六線方筒型繃縫機


CT9060 四針六線方筒型繃縫機 CT9060 4-Needle, 6-Thread Cylinder Bed Coverstitch Interlock Machine

Intro :  男女內衣褲。
 4針6線扁平縫目,用於未經包縫機車縫之2片裁片的接縫或補強作業, 如內衣褲等貼身衣物之裁片接縫處(如褲襠)。
 附有專用裁片接縫導模,可輕易將2片未經縫合之裁片併合再進行車縫 ,縫後裁片接縫處平順,增加穿著時的舒適性。
 本機型之線跡為#607線跡,但實際則安裝有5支針,使用時最左針(FLG-8) 不須穿線,安裝此針之目的在於頂鬆彎針線,避免因為過於緊縮而造成皺摺 之現象。

簡述 :  Men's & women's underwears, sports wears, ---etc.
 Thin, Light to medium weight material.
 Cylinder bed design with circumference of 280 m.m.
 4-needle, 6-thread, plain seaming for closing or reinforcing the seam of 2 pieces of fabrics (which are not pre-seamed by overlock) such as closing crotches of briefs, underwears, etc.
 With special fabric guide, edges of 2 pieces of fabric can be jointed easily & smoothly prior to sewing.
 The stitching code of this model is #607.(4-needle, 6-thread). However, there are total 5 needle equipped. While using, no threading is needed for leftest needle.
The purpdse of this extra needle is to get the looper thread loosen properly while the M/C runs and prevent the stitching from over-tightened.