CT9042-2 環狀針織褲頭鬆緊帶車縫(簡易膝動式)


CT9042-2 環狀針織褲頭鬆緊帶車縫(簡易膝動式) CT9042-2Tubular Knit Elastic Waist Band Attaching (Manual knee control type)

Intro :  男女用針織內褲。
 適用褲頭寬度:7/8" ~ 1 ½"(完成尺寸)。
 本機型之膝動控制裝置,由於結構簡單,不須以電力或壓縮空氣來驅動, 僅以人力操控即可,故安裝與維修都簡易方便,同時降低廠家設備成本。

簡述 :  Men’s & women’s knit briefs.
 Light to medium weight material.
 Applicable waist width : 7/8" ~ 1 ½" (finished size).
 With manual type folder slider and TR-1 device (fabric tension controlling device) specially for attaching tubuler knit elastic waist band on briefs.
 The folder slider is simply operated by pushing the pedal of knee controller. Due to cost saving design, no compressed air or electricity needle and can be operated manuelly. The installation & maintenance of this device is very easy.