CT9042-0 環狀針織褲頭鬆緊帶車縫(氣動式)

CT9042-0 環狀針織褲頭鬆緊帶車縫(氣動式) CT9042-0 Tubular Knit Elastic Waist Band Attaching (Pneumatic type)

Intro :  男女用針織內褲。
 適用褲頭寬度:7/8" ~ 1 ½"(完成尺寸)。

簡述 :  Men’s & women’s knit briefs.
 Light to medium weight material.
 Applicable waist width : 7/8" ~ 1 ½" (finished size).
 With pneumatic folder slider and TR-1 device (fabric tension controlling device) specially for attaching tubular knit elastic waist band on briefs.
 Movements of the folder slider is driven by compressed air and controlled by the knee controller which provides more labor-saving and efficiency during the sewing operation.
 Using of the pneumatic type under bed thread trimmer devices (UCP-A1 or UCP-A2) is recommended for better sewing quality and higher operation efficiency.